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NeoPixel / OLED clock with NTP

This page describes building and programming NeoPixel / OLED clock driven by NTP based on:


I use Visual Studio Code for developing my Raspberry PI Pico projects. Setting up this powerful developing environment is described in this articleexternal link But I using much simpler method on Windows: this complete packageexternal link. It contains RP2040 Toolchain pro Windows - Pico-SDK, VSCode a CMake.

Installation directory structure


I have installed SDK in C:\PicoSDK. But workspaces I have in D:\Home\Development\Personal\PICO. If you encountered any problems with build, maybe you'l need manually enter some system variables:

System Variables

Compiling C sources

Compile Active File

Running CMake scripts




For debugging Raspberry PI Pico is needed another Raspberry PI Pico :-). It's explained in this articleexternal link.


Note that NeoPixels may not works in debugger due to timing issues.


Connecting devices together
Final prototype

WiFi configuration

There are two possible ways for WiFi configuration:


GitHub external link.

If you use miroSD card for WiFi config, simply use picow_ntp_client_background.uf2.

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