Other lab equipment

Tektronix CFG280 Function Generator and DM2510G Programmable Digital Multimeter

Calculated vs. measured gain:

Measured vs. calculated gain

Tektronix P6022 current probes with type 134 amplifier

Measured vs. calculated gain

The P6022 is a 6 A AC Current Probe with termination provide versatile AC current measurements. It provide accurate current measurements over a wide range of frequencies. The probe allow current measurements without breaking the circuit by clipping onto the current carrying conductor. Shielded probe heads are not grounded when the slides are in their open positions, eliminating accidental grounding of the circuit under test. Passive termination output is switchable between 1 mA/mV and 10 mA/mV.

The P6022 has two sensitivity ranges. One is 1 mA/mV, where it works from 8.5 kHz to 1 Mhz. The second is 10 mA/mV, where it works from 935 Hz to 120 MHz. More informations about it you can read hereexternal link

The Tektronix 134 current probe amplifier interfaces a P6019, P6020, P6021 or P6022 current probe to the voltage input of an oscilloscope. Specifications:

Measuring current with passive terminator

Passive terminator is set to 10 mA/mV, on scope is measured 27.8 mV so current is 278 mAp-p.

Measuring current with current probe amplifier

Values on CURRENT/DIV knob on amplifier are valid for scope deflection factor 50 mV/div. Whe we use different factor, we must compute scaling factor, in our case: 0.1 V/div / 50 mV/div = 2.

Current probe amplifier is set to 20 mA/div, on scope I measured 6,98 div, so 20 * 6.98 * 2 = 279 mAp-p [mA/div, div, scaling factor].

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